Future uploads

At this moment in time, I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be uploading in the future, but possibles include:

  • A trivial component to more easily add an extra cursor to an app at design time.  Made somewhat obsolete by D2009’s simple-yet-effective resource manager I think, but hey, it was probably the first Delphi component I wrote…
  • A RIFF file parser.
  • A RichEdit v3.0 wrapper – yes, I know there’s quite a few about, but this one has a built-in ruler…
  • A spell checking framework that can integrate both Ispell and Hunspell.
  • A live spell checking control based on the aforementioned RichEdit v3.0 wrapper.  I’m especially not sure about this one mind – not because of the quality of the code, but the morality of posting something ‘good enough’ for free that might severely undercut established commericial products.  On the other hand, the commercial alternatives are extremely expensive…

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