(Very) minor updates

No publicity whatsoever, yet what I posted last night appears to have got a few downloads already, at least if the CodeCentral stats are to be believed.  OK, the CCR Exif ZIP is only just into double figures when you take away my test downloads, but it’s still a bit surprising nonetheless.  I noticed because I’ve just updated the ZIPs with perfunctory readme files; also, the Exif Time Shifter demo now accepts files dropped onto it.  I confess I used the ancient DragQueryFile API for the latter because, well, it’s nice and simple, and I didn’t want to draw in a load more code, excellent though this wrapper for OLE drag and drop (for example) is.

Update to the update: er, brain fart. The ‘Invalid file resource’ error when attempting to load the demos was because two of the RES files had indeed got corrupted somehow.  Fixed now…


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