Tip: removing a property from the Object Inspector

The wonders you find just by browsing Delphi’s included source code! Basically, the issue I blogged about a couple of days ago can be fixed to an extent by simply calling the UnlistPublishedProperty procedure of DesignIntf.  While the hidden property will still be surfaced at run-time, you may still find it a ‘good enough’ solution nonetheless. Example:

unit CCR.RichEdit.Reg;


procedure Register;


uses Classes, DesignIntf, CCR.RichEdit;

procedure Register;
  RegisterComponents('CCR RichEdit', [TRichEditEx]);
  UnlistPublishedProperty(TRichEditExRuler, 'Margins');


So, what this code does (apart from registering the TRichEditEx class) is to remove the Margins property from the object inspector for any instance of TRichEditExRuler or a class descending from TRichEditExRuler.  Note that when you use DesignIntf, designide must be added to the DPR’s requires clause — do this by right clicking on the DPR in the project manager and selecting View Source, from which you can make the change manually:

package dclCCRRichEdit;

//a load of untouched compiler settings snipped...

 designide, //added

//etc., as before

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