Delphi/BDS 2006 compiler bugs

It looks like the Delphi 2006 compiler (and, presumably, the Delphi 2005 one too) has various bugs concerning the extended syntax introduced in Delphi 2005, bugs that cause issues for my Exif units.  If anyone who has downloaded my code has found issues of this (or indeed any other) order, please add a comment here.  (Thanks to David Hoyle for alerting me to this.)

All in all then, it seems the D2007 compiler was rather less identical with D2006’s than CodeGear claimed at the time of D2007’s release.  On the hand, this was a good thing I suppose — CodeGear had worked on the compiler for the D2007 release after all! — though on the other, it makes me wonder why the company couldn’t have made it available to BDS customers as a final update.  After all, if there were no new compiler features (other than 18.5 being declared as an additional compiler version, if you call that a ‘feature’), then the changes must have all been bug fixes, and fixes done in such a way that outputted DCUs were D2006-compatible.  Oddly enough, I don’t recall any whining about this in the CodeGear newsgroups and Delphi blogosphere — at least with the help (the most popular BDS sore point), D2007’s help (and now D2009’s) was made freely downloadable in CHM form…