New revision of CCR Exif (0.9.5)

A small revision of CCR Exif is up. Changes:

  • A few typos fixed in the getter and setters of TCustomExifData.
  • TExifTag.SetAsString fixed when DataType = tdUndefined.
  • A new Boolean property, EnforceASCII, added to TCustomExifData; default value is True so that tags with a data type of tdASCII will now only allow ASCII data to be assigned to them.  Set EnforceASCII to False to restore the old, lax behaviour.
  • For Delphi 2009, ASCII tags are now surfaced as normal strings; because of this, you shouldn’t cast to TiffString any more when setting a string tag. Furthermore, TiffString is itself now just type def’ed to AnsiString rather than an English AnsiString specifically.
  • The Comments property of TCustomExifData now no longer checks for ttImageDescription.
  • The ExifVersion and GPSVersion properties of TCustomExifData have changed their types, with the old ones removed.
  • The DirectlyPhotographed property of TCustomExifData has been removed and replaced with SceneType.
  • The SourceIsDigitalCamera property of TCustomExifData has been removed and replaced with FileSource.
  • WritePreciseTimes property of TCustomExifData has become AlwaysWritePreciseTimes.
  • drTrue has become drTrueNorth, and drMagnetic now drMagneticNorth.
  • ShutterSpeedInMSecs function and GPSDateStamp, GPSDateTimeUTC and GPSDifferentialApplied properties added to TCustomExifData (GPSDateTimeUTC converts and combines the values stored in GPSDateStamp and GPSTimeStampXXX).
  • The internal enumerator types have acquired a T prefix.
  • Exif List demo added.

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