Revised AutoCorrect components (0.9.5)

Only been a few days, but I quickly came across a couple of bugs in my own code and decided to set about working around bugs in the rich edit control, so a new revision of my AutoCorrect components is up. Change log:

  • Fixed backspace not working when acAutoIndent is amongst the options but there is no indentation to reduce.
  • Fixed the return key not acting as a trigger key for rich edits that use v3 of the rich edit DLL.
  • Moved the TXXXWithAutoCorrect classes to a separate unit, CCR.AutoCorrect.Controls.pas.
  • TRichEditWithAutoCorrect now does a bit more than simply expose an AutoCorrectEngine property, since it now works around bugs in the underlying control — specifically, the uncurling of smart quotes and mis-loading of dashes as hyphens when RTF is either streamed or pasted in.
  • Fixed ‘enable runtime themes’ option not being checked for the demos’ D2007 project files.
  • Added better for/in support to TAutoCorrectEntries when compiling in D2005 or above.

Download from the same place as before; any comments and suggestions are welcome.