‘Delphi Haters Blog’ – a minor internet classic

Just come across this, which I find curiously amusing yet ambiguous at the same time — the typical post either slates some third party component set for doing very little very poorly, instantly giving rise to the thought ‘why the hell don’t you just write the necessary code yourself?’, or waffles for a bit before whining about Team B for some perceived slight that is never properly explained.  I’ve no idea who the blogger is, but the cause of his Team B resentment must surely be a run in with Rudy Velthuis. For the comedy value though, it would be great if the mild-mannered Peter Below turns out to have been the guy that pissed Mr ‘Delphi Hater’ off so much…


3 thoughts on “‘Delphi Haters Blog’ – a minor internet classic

  1. This guy is HILARIOUS!

    I can’t decide if this is satire, like The Onion, or if he’s more like that crazy guy on the street corner yelling at people when they pass by.

    If a troll rants in the forest and no one is there, does he make a noise?

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