Sharply influenced

From Malcolm Groves’ latest post, it looks like the Delphi RTL is acquiring more .NET BCL-alike bits to go with the ones added in D2009. Apart from the rather pointless TStringBuilder (at least in its current, not especially efficient implementation), they do seem to add genuine value though, a fact that should override, I think, any slightly uneasy feeling induced at RTL features being added in a manner that slavishly imitates those of a would-be successor product. After all, if the designers of C# can even only be now adding long-standing Delphi features (specifically, variants in all but name and default parameters), what’s so wrong about some influence going in the other direction? Nevertheless, I still have difficulty getting used to the whole T<SomethingOrOther>.<Method> convention for what in effect are just global routines…


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