Mr Hater gets constructive

I haven’t looked at his blog in a while, but I see Mr Hater had an unusally constructive post last month. As with other examples of the genre, it does have its parochial edge (see in particular point 13 — Embarcadero are going wrong since, having failed to create a direct replacement, they haven’t restarted maintaining the BDE?!). Nonetheless, it’s an interesting list with some good points. If reading such things are what you like to do, then have a look


7 thoughts on “Mr Hater gets constructive

  1. The article mentioned is far from beeing constructive. Nothing new … I’m very sure … maybe the Delphi Haters Blog fits perfectly into borland.public.delphi.non-tech.

    Arguments do not fit together – removing old components, vs. everlasting backward compatibilty for example.

    Some points are ok, but well known… An IDE is a complex product, backward compatibility is required … I see few things that cannot be achieved already today.

    There is still place for improvement left, but what Delphi hater wants in the end is a naked IDE with the best of breed components – from his point of view. Delphi Haters – Install them use them and fix some bugs instead of writing blog posts … but don’t want Embarcadero to do your job or the job of the component vendors …


    • Some people have too much time on their hands.
      But I find the comments enlightening.

      Ha ha! Whose the ‘people’ though? Mr Hater for writing it, or me for reading and commentating on it… (mine’s the, er, point-by-point comment to the post)

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