Simon Kissel popped up on the Embarcadero forums recently, in the first instance only to announce a small update to his CrossKylix project (it was last publicly updated six years ago). This was in the Delphi third party group; following that, he appears to have written a short ‘I’m back’ post in non-tech.

While I got to read his first post, I haven’t read the second, since it was deleted shortly after it was published. Moreover, the first has now been removed too. Why? Who knows exactly, but TeamB (and more specifically, a small subset of TeamB) have traditionally been given the power by Borland (and presumably now Embarcadero, if only by convention) to delete posts as they see fit.

With respect to this specific case, there is also some history involved; in very general terms, the enthusiastic supporter who ends up feeling disappointed and let down by the supported can end up doing something he may come to regret, notwithstanding the provocation. The relevant episode was several years ago though, and I can say for sure that the first post just deleted was completely innocuous, and probably the second too. Simon Kissel, it appears, must nevertheless be considered a non-person.

It may, of course, have been an Embarcadero employee who did the deed, notwithstanding past precedent. If so, then that should be that. If it were a TeamBer though, then matters are perhaps more questionable: for it may, one might think, be in Embarcadero’s interests to cultivate a potential enthusiast for Delphi’s new direction, not alienate him for a second time.

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  1. I thought asset purchase agreements were used (1) when Codegear bought Borland and (2) when Embarcadero bought Codegear. The advantage of asset sales it that the buyer gets to identify which liabilities the buyer will assume in the acquisition. It seems to me that Embarcadero assumed a lot of toxic liabilities in the acquisition. Borland’s banning of Simon in a forum seems like a nonassignable item and should have no effect on the present.

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