Signs of progress…

I’ve just noticed the top two items on Allen Bauer’s Twitter feed‘Milestone’ followed by ‘Another Milestone’. Cue the complaints on non-tech: ‘WTF? They’ve only just started updating System.pas? I’m converting all my code to C#/DarkBasic/Cobol.NET RIGHT NOW!!!’

More seriously, it would be nice to have at least the occasional blog post from the Delphi team on things to look out for as they themselves encounter issues (hopefully only minor!) in readying the VCL to cross compile between the 32 bit and 64 bit compilers. I grant for marketing purposes that simply parroting the line of how the vast majority of code should compile just fine will be quite enough. Indeed, such a spiel will probably in fact be accurate so far as it goes. However, from a broader perspective, noting exceptions before the actual release wouldn’t go amiss either. [Edit: right on cue, albeit in the form of another tweet!]

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