Welcome to the neighbourhood

One hour!

StackOverflow screenshot

Link here – who knows, maybe the questioner will have become worthy enough for his question to be reopened by the time you click on it.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the neighbourhood

  1. That is the way SO works – the question is vague, grounds to close the question also seem insufficient. This launches close/reopen competition.

    I have seem many computer forums and I think SO rules are well considered.

    PS: Voted to reopen. 🙂

    • My impression is that this is happening quicker and more aggressively. Obviously, it’s you and your fellow StackOverflowers’ playpen, so you guys can do what you like…

      • “if you don’t like what is going on in SO playpen you are better to create SO account ”

        Nah. I’m one of the freaks who still prefers the newsgroups!

  2. This is a truly horrifically lazy post on the part of the OP. A close and reopen sends a signal to the user that a little more care might be needed in the future.

    I am always upset when one of my questions gets closed, if it ever does, but it almost always is because the question as asked, is unanswerable in its current form.

    This question as written (before I changed the title especially) is among the most vague and fuzzy I have ever seen.


    • ‘Truly horrifically’ – as in, my coffee this morning was ‘truly, horrifically’ weaker than I’d like?

      “the question as asked, is unanswerable in its current form”

      Then by definition, it won’t get answered will it? No doubt each and every closer would have made an excellent school prefect though!

  3. While I enjoy reading many articles on SO (mostly when I find them over google) I sometimes get the impression that some people are just after badges, points or whatever and are quick to downvote posts or write even better answers and criticize others just to impress although everything has been said.
    But as I said, I’m not actively taking part at SO because I am busy enough being active in a german delphi community so I may be totally wrong.

    • ‘I sometimes get the impression that some people are just after badges, points or whatever’

      Yes, though it’s precisely the various ranking elements of the site – however primitive – that (I assume) has made it the success it is, getting involvement from people who don’t engage elsewhere. Like you, I wouldn’t knock SO as such though.

    • While I agree that some people are out for points/badges, I do like that SO seems to care about the quality of its content so it can be as good as it can be. Vague questions get closed, sloppy questions get edited for grammar and cleanliness, long comment chains get moved to chats, etc. Sure, I have a high point count and all, but I’m not focusing on points, I’m focusing on questions, just like I do on the Embarcadero forums (where I also have a high point count).

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