Setting up XE2 and VirtualBox

Being tight, I’ve set up a Vista Business VM using VirtualBox on my iMac (was running Snow Leopard, now Lion) and installed XE2. Everything works OK but for the fact I can’t get debug from the VM to the host. Any tips? Using the default ‘NAT’ network setting in VirtualBox, everything other than remote debugging to the host works great. The closest I’ve got to the latter is for the files to be deployed (i.e., the bundle gets outputted to ~/Applications/Embarcadero/PAServer/scratch-dir) before the IDE just hangs. If I try the ‘bridged adaptor’ setting instead of ‘NAT’, nothing works. As I can remote debug to the iMac from a physical Windows PC just fine, it can’t be that the PAServer application isn’t installed properly – I just need to configure VirtualBox properly, somehow…


10 thoughts on “Setting up XE2 and VirtualBox

  1. If you right-click “OS X” in the Project Manager and select Edit Profile and then click on the Test Connection button, does it work?

  2. It sounds like you might have to configure port forwarding rules for the NAT network adapter. At least that is a common problem with other services.

  3. Frankly, can’t understand why people buy an expensive Mac, an expensive OS (Windows), an expensive dev tool Delphi, and then look for a cheap virtualization solution. Get Fusion or Paralles and you’ll have a much smoother virtualization experience.

    • How can I be sure before I pay out? I’ve only bought the Windows licence (and still economised a bit by getting a Vista one) because I knew the XE2 remote debugger worked well enough with a physical Windows box. The iMac itself was a refurb, and if it weren’t for a project I’m working on, I wouldn’t have bought either it or XE2 in the first place. Further, my experience on Windows is that free solutions are not necessary worse than paid ones, and Oracle is a big company, right?

      • VirtualBox came with the Sun stuff, and if Sun was going bankrupt there was a reason – Oracle was only interested in Java anyway. The only decent product Oracle does is the Oracle database itself – and not without a lot of quirks, the list of patches and patchsets for any release is pretty long, but it is still unmatched by other DBs when your needs grow big.
        Any internet search would have told you that Fusion/Parallels are far better than VirtualBox, but if the Mac is a refurbished one and not your main developer environments I would have not installed Windows and Delphi on it on a VM, I would have just deployed/debugged on it, far less problems and better perfomance.

      • “if Sun was going bankrupt there was a reason”

        Ha, that’s another kettle of fish. They were going bankrupt because they made the strategic decision to give away good quality software that people would have paid proper money for…

        “Any internet search would have told you that Fusion/Parallels are far better than VirtualBox”

        VirtualBox works fine – as I say in the follow up post, I’ve been very impressed with it. Perhaps you might like to actually try it before rubbishing the thing based on a 30 second internet search?

        “far less problems and better perfomance”

        You’re talking rubbish, sorry. I’ve had one configuration issue stemming from my ignorance about all things networking, that’s all.

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