I have a proof

[Update: the book is now available.]

Having put out the Kindle version of my XE2 book, I now have a proof for the printed edition. Unlike the eBook version, this variant won’t be sold in three parts, and will include an index. That said, I’m happy with the front cover:

I’m also happy with the inside (well, mostly – there’s the odd formatting issue to fix, but nothing major):

With respect to the back cover though, I’m not sure about the blurb font:

Ditto the same font on the spine!

Since the inside uses Calibri for the headings, it’s currently Calibri on the back and spine too. I’ve now decided the ‘roundedness’ of Calibri doesn’t look very good writ large though – having a quick look at the stock fonts on my Mac, I’m thinking maybe Helvetica Neue would be a better-looking option. Decisions decisions…

16 thoughts on “I have a proof

  1. Good luck with the book Chris. I’ve been a Delphi dev since version 1 and now getting to grips with XE2 after having spent some time with XCode on the Mac. Looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Is this book XE2 only? I’ve read some pages from Amazon preview feature and got the opinion that most parts could be useful for e.g. Delphi 2009, too – apart from the OS X things, of course.


    • Hi Michael

      The reason I call it an ‘XE2’ book is because I don’t explicitly say when such-and-so feature was added (I wanted to avoid coming across as a bad history teacher!). However, I equally did not stick to things new to XE2 either, and large parts will certainly apply to Delphi 2009 too.

      If I were to have written a D2009 book, the main difference would probably have been the need to cover workarounds for bugs in D2009 concerning things like the generic collection classes, though the substance would be the same. Certain chapters would also have been a bit thinner – the native APIs one as you suggest, and also the multithreading one (XE2 compared to D2009 has some useful additional threading primitives).

      Hope that helps – let me know if it doesn’t.

      • Chris, Thanks for this explanation!

        If I wouldn’t use Delphi just for fun, at home, I would certainly update to XE2, however at work there is little chance to re-introduce Delphi again. Meanwhile it’s C# and Visual Studio which rules the company 😦

    • Thanks! If you could let me know what the physical quality of the book is like once you get it, that would be great (my proof was good, but you can never be overly paranoid about such things…).

      • I have got the book yesterday. The book quality is good I also like the font size and the fact that you have provided a lot of small code samples. I hope you are busy writing your next Delphi book 😉

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