The printed version of Delphi XE2 Foundations is now available

Having published it previously as three separate eBooks, the printed version of my book, Delphi XE2 Foundations, is now available. You can buy it on here, here, here, here, here, and here. If you don’t mind registering for an account, you can also get it direct from CreateSpace here (I get a better royalty rate if you do that). The price is $49.99 on and CreateSpace, £34.99 on and €39.99 (or thereabouts) on the other European sites.

As I’ve previously discussed, the book takes you through the language and wider RTL as at the XE2 release, covering older and newer features alongside each other. Consequently, one chapter tackles string handling, another streams and so on. If you are an experienced Delphi user, the earlier chapters may not be so interesting while the later ones (which include coverage of OS X support at the RTL level and the newer multithreading primitives) hopefully will be; conversely, less experienced users may find the earlier chapters more relevant. To forstall misunderstandings, the book is more a reference-type one than a tutorial-type one, so I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and be disappointed as a result.

Compared to the Kindle version, the printed one isn’t split into three parts, but does contain an index. Otherwise, the text is identical but for the correction of a few typos that I will push down to the Kindle version shortly. I’m not sure when exactly, since I’m looking to fix a few Unicode character issues at the same time (different Kindle devices and apps have varying levels of Unicode support, which is a pain). In any case, corrections will be made available to existing eBook purchasers too.

27 thoughts on “The printed version of Delphi XE2 Foundations is now available

  1. Can there be printed+e-book discount ?

    Price consists of your work + publisher work.

    If ones want to have e-book supplementing printed one, then at least your work was already paid for. And then if e-book was auto-converted Amazon’s work is minimal too, they do not need to make real copy of object.

    So did you thought about making a bundle with cut price ?

    • As I’m not selling directly, that isn’t possible unfortunately (I agree it would be good to do though). The main issue is that I don’t get customer lists, though I’m open to suggestions – I can set up discount codes for the Kindle edition and buying the printed version at CreateSpace, but the problem is how to target them.

      “And then if e-book was auto-converted…”

      It was converted with a lot of VBA code (and a helper object written in Delphi) by myself… While e-books are made up of CSS and HTML, think ‘late 1990s web browser’ and you won’t be far off the current state of e-book software.

      • u would not need much more for e-book.
        but fixed PDF sometimes is just awfull to read on the phone.

        about suggestions, maybe you’d contact Amazon, they are selling e-books and know the questions and answers. They may suggest something practical.

        I hope Amazon would get me the paper book to keep in work office for team’s reference, but i don’t want to carry it with me everyday, and do want to have e-book for phone. I am frankly sure that de-DRMed copies would surface in few months, so not very big problem, except for some feeling of getting dirty :-/

      • At least Amazon knows about their sells of printed book.
        They might have hard times (and very little reason) accounting for CreateSpace and other shops, but at least they could easily track their own sales.

        • Er, CreateSpace is a division of Amazon. If someone buys my book from, then it isn’t even made by the CreateSpace division, but Amazon ‘proper’.

          • Then i just cannot understand about inability to track customers and make a discount to them,

            If currently all your sales go through Amazon, then they can track the customers. Maybe they don’t want to, but they at least technically can.

            And can make them a discount offer.

            Also they surely can make a bundle paper+kindle.

            I hope you contact them and ask for more flexible variants.

        • Arioch (‘I just cannot understand about inability to track customers’) – it is the same situation as when a person (or business) who develops for an Apple App Store doesn’t get individual customer lists from Apple.

          • But why YOU should know ?
            E-book is in Amazon Kindle isn’t it ?
            Amazon knows whom they sold paper book, and Amazon can internally make a discount for e-book they sell themselves, why can’t them ? you only tell them WHAT to do and let they internally manage HOW to do it.

  2. Hello Chris,

    Is there any way I can get a glimpse of info. about you, the author. With all due respect, I don’t know much about your experience in Delphi and software technology. It would be nice to have an “About the Author” section in this web page. Your book sounds good and I intend to purchase it.

    Good luck.

    • Hi Mowat

      I think the best thing to do is just check out the sample pages you can get on the Kindle edition entries on Amazon. If you download Amazon’s free Kindle app, you can then register the it as a ‘device’ and have the samples sent to it – that’s how I’ve been checking out programming books myself.

  3. Thank you for producing a sorely needed reference book on the latest incarnation of Delphi. I am sure that it will contain a wealth of detailed technical insight useful to all Delphi developers. Will the printed edition ever be sold in bookshops? From my knowledge of your contributions to the Delphi newsgroups I know that you are very well qualified to write such a book.

    Jut a minor comment based on a quick look at the “Look Inside” preview on Amazon. I noticed in the very second sentence of the book a typo: “notability” is written instead of “notably”. I suggest that the persons acknowledged as having reviewed the book carried out perhaps too skimpy a check to have missed an error like that. Of course, a typo of this type is irrelevant to the general quality of the book.

    • Thanks. ‘I noticed in the very second sentence of the book a typo’ – urgh, how embarrassing! You are quite right – I will fix it going forward shortly. ‘I suggest that the persons acknowledged as having reviewed the book…’ – any mistakes in the published version are my responsibility.

      • Hmmm, if that means the paper book is made by small batches, then the initial version might become a rarity, like those “wrong” post stamps 🙂

        I you check the book for typos yourself, that was doomed to fail. A man can hardly see his own recent mistakes, that moves as for Peer Review and (partially) Unit/Regression Tests, yet the same applies to books 🙂

        • ‘I you check the book for typos yourself’

          Myself and certain individuals for certain chapters…

    • The eBook edition (like the printed version) is for sale, not something I’m giving away via email.

  4. Thank you for writing the book. I purchased a printed copy from Amazon. I would also get it for my Nook reader. Any chance of converting it to Nook’s ePub format for sale through

    • Thanks for the purchase. Having a quick look, it seems B&N have a similar scheme to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, right down to the royalty structure. In your opinion, would three parts like I did the for the Kindle be OK, or would a higher price ‘altogether’ edition be preferable? To be clear, by ‘higher price’, I mean more than the three Kindle parts combined – I realise potential customers won’t care (or shouldn’t need to care), but due to the royalty structure, I earn more money by someone buying all three Kindle parts than I do if they buy the printed version, despite the latter’s higher price.

    • Apologies, forget my previous reply. From B&N’s terms and conditions:

      “You must have a valid U.S. Credit Card on file with PubIt! at all times to use the Service.”

      Since I’m British, that’s a deal breaker, sorry. I will however look at Lulu as a possible non-Amazon distributor.

      • What a shame. Would you be able to sell it directly yourself and receive payment through PayPal? From what I can tell, converting from Kindle app (without owning a device) to other formats using Calibre may not be an option.

  5. PS as to the one part vs three, it should not really matter. Your readers are primarily grateful that you wrote the book!

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