Between you and me, I’ve noticed the XE3 FMX demos are up on SourceForge (or at least, were when I last looked!). Actions are in (hurrah!), though the lack of a demo implies frames still aren’t (boo!). A few extra properties on things like TForm look promising in a small-but-useful kind of way, and dare I say it, but there’s the occasional indication that the FMX developers have stopped assuming the language and RTL stopped evolving in 2001 or so. Naturally, the OMG-talk-of-Win8-is-that-all-no-way-must-have-Android-BlackBerry-Qt-I-mean-native-and-a-pony-now-now-NOW!!! brigade won’t be happy, but if this leads to just my expectations of FMX a year ago fulfilled, I will be content.


12 thoughts on “Shh!!!

    • Er, so you’re a fully paid up member of the OMG-talk-of-Win8-is-that-all-no-way-must-have-Android-BlackBerry-Qt-I-mean-native-and-a-pony-now-now-NOW!!! brigade? The last thing FMX needs is lots more headline ‘features’ when the core code is in the state it is in XE2. Indeed, EMBT’s apparent fear of people saying ‘is that it?!’ has been perhaps the main weakness of their stewardship of the product. Unicode should have been enough for D2009 – no need for a very buggy, half finished generics implementation as well; the third party stuff in XE both bloats the IDE and causes instabilities in my personal experience; and just Win64 support would have been OK for XE2. In other words, EMBT should target a specific new feature for each release, and hold their nerve when doing so.

    • The VCL implementation of frames is a bit crap, but the frame (or in VB and WinForms terms, ‘user control’) concept is definitely needed in FMX, particularly given you can’t host one FMX TForm instance inside another.

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