XE3 and Subversion/Google Code

Just a small heads up, but it has come to my attention that the XE3 IDE’s Subversion (SVN) integration does not support the older, pre-v1.7 Subversion format, at least out of the box. While there are interop issues with recent versions of TortoiseSVN (the Subversion client I actually use) too, the XE3 IDE goes a step further by just hanging when the ‘Open From Version Control’ command is used against a repository in the older format.

While this in practice won’t bother many people, Google Code (a free-as-in-beer way to publish open source code) still uses Subversion v1.6… which means anything Delphi-related there whose author chose Subversion precisely because the Delphi IDE provides SVN support in the box may now look slightly foolish… Anyhow, this is all just a slightly roundabout way of saying I’ve added a ZIP of the sample code for my XE2 book here!

[Edit – my initial post was overly negative about TortoiseSVN (thanks to Robert Love and M J Marshall for correcting me in the comments). The issue is that TortoiseSVN v1.7x forces you to upgrade working copies from v1.6x to v1.7x, which means you can’t use both it and the XE or XE2 IDE interchangeably, assuming you haven’t modified the IDE’s behaviour to use the newer SVN DLLs. However, if you only use TortoiseSVN as your client, it can happily work with v1.6x servers. This though gives even less reason for the XE3 IDE to just hang!]

4 thoughts on “XE3 and Subversion/Google Code

    • Yes, XE has the opposite problem. If you can match 1.7 clients to 1.6 servers though (and I’m not doubting you saying that), why does the Delphi IDE hang in such a situation? It’s particularly unfortunate given the SVN integration is shipped with Starter.

  1. Are you quite sure about TortoiseSVN and Google Code? Just today I downloaded updates from some Google Code projects I watch, using TortoiseSVN 1.7.11 (64bit); I saw no problems or error messages.

    • Ooo, I’ll have a look, thanks. What I said was from what I found when TortoiseSVN first went to 1.7, which was some time ago. Urgh, I was confusing the need for Tortoise SVN 1.7x to upgrade v1.6 working copies with it not working with v1.6 servers. Thanks to you and Robert for the heads up!

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