So… I was finally broken: I created a StackOverflow account. Annoyingly, a certain individual in particular is waaaayy too fast in answering most Delphi questions (genuine expertise + quick on the button = cheating, surely?)… so I started picking off Access ones instead (easy points there – write three lines of trivial SQL, and bingo). Alas, but even for a subject area in which one would expect to find a fair few novices asking novice questions, there remains a certain… priggishness about the fact.


(Actual picture of self-appointed SO prefect moderator.)


[PS: to the literal-minded, no I don’t actually think David is a ‘cheat’ any more than I think Eric Cartman actually patrols StackOverflow 😉 ]

9 thoughts on “StackOverflown

  1. Certainly agree – and I see the same certain individual as the instigator. Seems to be the leader of a small pack of Little Sir Echos who follow each other around “voting up” every utterance each makes and voting down any contribution from outside of their little clique.

    Ironically, I see earlier posts from the same source complaining of similar treatment meted out to him. I gave up on making comments in the Delphi area when the perpetrator voted down my contribution because I criminally included in-line comments rather than appending them as text after the code. OP was obviously having trouble with English, never mind Delphi. Said troll immediately commented that he didn’t understand the problem, then voted down and voted to delete a contribution that OP had marked (and commented) as a solution, and followed that up with a canned response that I, as a 60-year-old native English-speaker with a CS degree and 40+ years’ experience had problems following. What OP made of this response is anyone’s guess.

    I’m sure that this little group genuinely believes that are making a contribution, but they’re mistaken. One of their number (at least) is a current EMBT employee whose blog appears on DelphiFeeds.

    If only they’d use their considerable knowledge to help others rather than frantically gather valuable “reputation points” the entire SO Delphi area might even approach pleasant.

    • Well… if the closer is someone who actually answers questions in the area concerned I’m inclined to give them some slack. Half the time the closer isn’t however, which gives rise to the thought of how exactly they can judge whether the question is truly bad or not, especially when there has been an answer posted, and by a person who knows their stuff.

  2. Yes stack overflow has become more about finding any excuse to shut down questions rather than actually try help, pity…

  3. weeell, David is too damn fast, but on the flip side, his comments and answers are REALLY GOOD(so long as the question is clear enough).

    I think he receives e-mails every other minute and quickly responds.

    but, don’t worry, he still needs to sleep sometimes(?), that’s when you come in and eat the questions (:

    have fun!

  4. Please don’t leave us! Who is going to answer all the FMX questions? Or the Mac ones? Well, OK, does anyone other than you use the Mac compiler?!

    Seriously you answers so far have been super high quality and well deserving of the upvotes. I always prefer a good answer to a quick answer. So, come back to the Delphi tag please!

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