InfoPower grid for FireMonkey – free with XE5

In case anyone interested in FMX isn’t aware, Woll2Woll’s InfoPower grid for FireMonkey can be got free with XE5. OK, no source, but it’s much, much better than the standard offering:


If you want to see the Android targeting in action, Woll2Woll have a demo on Google Play (

That said, one small issue I’ve found is that the setup file available on ‘My Registered Downloads’ at Embarcadero’s site is a bit outdated – on opening one of the iOS demos and building, I got a compiler error:

[DCC Fatal Error] SearchGrid.pas(10): F2051 Unit fmx.wwlayouts was compiled with a different version of FMX.Effects.TEffect

Presumably this is due to update 2 breaking DCU compatibility for iOS targets (this issue is mentioned in the update 2 readme files). To fix, I downloaded the latest setup file from Woll2Woll’s website and installed over the top of the original installation – see the top link here:

Having done that, the iOS demos now compiled fine.

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