Loading the app’s icon into a TImage on Android

Working with Delphi for Android, I wanted to load my app’s icon into a TImage. Here’s the code I came up with:

  AndroidApi.JniBridge, AndroidApi.Jni.App, AndroidApi.Jni.GraphicsContentViewText,
  FMX.Helpers.Android, FMX.Surfaces;

function GetAppIcon(Dest: TBitmap): Boolean;
  Activity: JActivity;
  Drawable: JDrawable;
  Bitmap: JBitmap;
  Surface: TBitmapSurface;
  Result := False;
  Activity := SharedActivity;
  Drawable := Activity.getPackageManager.getApplicationIcon(Activity.getApplicationInfo);
  Bitmap := TJBitmapDrawable.Wrap((Drawable as ILocalObject).GetObjectID).getBitmap;
  Surface := TBitmapSurface.Create;
    if not JBitmapToSurface(Bitmap, Surface) then
  Result := True;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

The slightly awkward manner of casting from a JDrawable to a JBitmapDrawable in the middle is because Java type casts are not supported directly by the Delphi to Java bridge. As such, we have to get a handle to the raw Java object and re-wrap it to the desired derived class… but that’s too much of a faff all told, and the syntax will be familiar with anyone who has used the Delphi to Objective-C bridge before.

2 thoughts on “Loading the app’s icon into a TImage on Android

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