Just a few bits of code that may be of interest — for consistency, it’s all licenced with the MPL. Click through the links for more info and the download locations:

AutoCorrect Components – componentised version of some code of mine that adds AutoCorrect functionality to TCustomEdit and TCustomCombo descendants.

CCR Exif – small-ish class library to read/write photograph metadata, most notably Exif but also IPTC and XMP to an extent.

Generic IDispatch proxy classes for Active Scripting (Delphi 2010+ only) – does what it says on the tin. Something I knocked up when playing around with the D2010 trial when it first came out.

Hunspell wrapper – simple Hunspell interface for D7+, Hunspell being a popular open source spell checking engine. Works across the Unicode ‘speed bump’.

Themed owner-draw TTabControl and TPageControl descendants — when you use owner-draw on a standard tab or page control, the control stops theming itself, taking on retro gray instead. This code custom paints owner drawn tab and page controls to put the theming back.

XP Menu Bar – at some point, TToolBar no longer properly supported being used as a replacement main menu bar, suffering irritating visual bugs if used in that way. This component bundles the requisite fixes. And yeah, the 1990s probably do want their ‘classy’ UI style back…

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