Extended TClipboard implementation for FMX and VCL (CCR.Clipboard)

I’ve just pushed to GitHub (first time, so be gentle…) an extended, multi-platform TClipboard implementation for newer Delphi versions:


Where the platform allows, supports delayed rendering, virtual files, change notifications, and inter-process TClipboard-based drag and drop. The code originates from the FMX TClipboard I published a few years back, though is much extended, and was refactored to support the VCL too (XE2+). For more info, check out the readme first…


… followed by the wiki pages for discussion of individual features, together with known issues and limitations:


Disclaimer: supporting multiple FMX versions ain’t no fun, so if you come to try it in XE4 or whatever and have an issue, I may not be able to help you. Also, if you’re interested in drag and drop on OS X, consider using my code with any version lower than XE8 a ‘proof of concept’ only…


RemObjects release a new Oxygene version + C# sister product

I’ve just noticed RemObjects have released a new Oxygene version together with ‘RemObjects C#’, a C# sister product that was codenamed Hydrogene – check out the announcement here. The improved cross platform support sounds interesting (traditionally, the Oxygene language would differ somewhat depending on the target platform), and in the case of RemObjects C#… well, it seems a competitor is a bit rattled!


Dearie me – read that and you would never guess that when it comes to targeting Android, Delphi and Xamarin are on one side of the fence and Oxygene and RemObjects C# the other, for better or for worse…


And now we get this…


At least Delphi has done generics on OS X since 2011 ;-)

Delphi (and C++Builder) XE5 ‘mobile add-on pack’ currently being discounted

I’ve just noticed the ‘mobile add-on pack’ for Delphi (and C++Builder) XE5 Professional is currently selling for half price on Embarcadero’s online store (link). If you’re tempted, then it’s probably prudent to buy support and maintanance at the same time, which does admittedly bump the price back up… though still not to the non-discounted price of the ‘add-on pack’ itself. Also, keep in mind the ‘mobile add-on pack’ is something specific to Delphi Professional and C++Builder Professional – if you have RAD Studio Professional or higher, or Delphi or C++Builder Enterprise or higher, then mobile support (iOS and Android for Delphi, just iOS – currently – for C++Builder) is built-in.

CCR Exif v1.5.3 + Android app based on it in Google Play

Recently I have committed some updates to CCR Exif (my open source image metadata parsing library) that get it working with Delphi XE5, and in particular, Delphi for Android. In the main, that wasn’t hard to do – in one place I’d (mis)used the Objects property of a TStrings instance to hold casted enum values, which is a no-no under ARC, but otherwise things (with the odd [Weak] added) were fine. Well, fine with one major caveat: the code needs Andreas Hausladen’s patch to restore AnsiChar, PAnsiChar and UTF8String. Bluntly, if support for those types really does go away in XE6, then I’ll just have to say the code will support Delphi for mobile in XE5 and XE5 only, because I’m not going to crappify it.

The whole issue is a shame, because the general language and RTL compatibility between platforms (Windows/OS X/iOS/Android) and frameworks (FMX/VCL) is excellent. For example, for reading XMP metadata, my Exif code uses the IDOMxxx interfaces, the lower-level counterpart to the rather more heavyweight TXMLDocument. Both are available to use whatever the platform. Another example: at various points the FMX platform code for Android needs to wait on another thread (the Java thread) finishing a method call. What does it use for the task? Why, TEvent, using exactly the same method calls you might have made in a VCL project ten years ago.

Anyhow, proof of the pudding, I’ve written up an Exif editing app and put it on Google Play – it’s called Exif Inspector and is available here:


Brickbats welcomed, partly because you’ll have to pay a small amount to make them ;-)